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Phonathon callers help grow The Loyola Fund by leaps and bounds this year

Loyola press release - June 25, 2010

Loyola University New Orleans’ Phonathon program has hit record numbers this year, raising over $200,000 for a 36 percent boost in total dollars raised and increasing monetary pledges to the university by 17 percent.

At the heart of the Phonathon are student callers who reach out to Loyola alumni, parents and friends to help raise money for the university. Through their many calls, students are able to reconnect alumni with the Loyola community while encouraging them to donate to The Loyola Fund.

The Loyola Fund is a general fund for the university that helps to provide scholarships, up-to-date technology and renovations. Ultimately, the university uses the donations wherever the money can be best utilized. Phonathon is currently raising money for athletics programs and the Monroe Library study rooms.

“The students play an important role, receiving alumni information first hand and often being the initial connection between alumni and the school. We are a gateway, not just for receiving money, but also for collecting the most up-to-date contact information on our alumni,” said assistant director of Phonathon Lacrecia James.

During their calls, students are able to inform potential donors of current Loyola news. Alumni often relay that they enjoy hearing from current students and asking them questions about the university, professors and residence halls, said James. She said she tries to keep the atmosphere light and fun for the student callers through music, games and, of course, food.

Macede Jackson, a senior, has worked with Phonathon since her first semester at Loyola. “I enjoy hearing how Loyola has changed and keeping a connection with alumni,” said Jackson.

Phonathon donors can designate specifically where their donations will be used and have the option of paying by credit card or check. “It is never too late to donate. The university always needs financial support, and no dollar amount is too small,” said James. Give now »