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English department announces new concentration in film and digital media

Loyola press release - March 15, 2010

The English department at Loyola University New Orleans recently announced a new concentration in film and digital media. This degree program, approved by Loyola’s Standing Council for Academic Planning and Provost Ed Kvet, combines courses in film history, analysis and theory, and involves the presentation of creative texts through newer digital media, such as e-readers and the Internet.

The new concentration, set to enroll students this fall, will parallel the existing writing and literature tracks, according to Kate Adams, professor and chair of the English department.

“Through this program, students will be able to explore the most popular art form of the 20th and 21st centuries in the larger context of humanistic studies, studying this genre along with other types of literature. It’s a fine combination for the undergraduate level,” said Adams. “Our program will emphasize the critical study of film as an art form, giving students a solid knowledge of the history and aesthetics of film as well as exposure to the various methodological approaches of cinema studies as an academic discipline.”

Courses from which students will be able to choose include those in short script, dialogue and screenplay writing, and will include readings and lectures on film theory, history and technique along with film screenings.

“For this English major, students can participate in the various ways film and filmic images enrich Web sites, texts displayed on e-readers, business documents and other texts,” said Adams. “We plan through this degree to involve courses taught in other colleges that concern graphics, Web design and film production--a powerful combination for the students once they leave college.”

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Sean Snyder in Loyola’s Office of Public Affairs at smsnyder@loyno.edu or call 504-861-5882.