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More options for recycling on campus are now available

Loyola press release - December 17, 2010

It is easier than ever to recycle on campus. Loyola University New Orleans is now offering a single stream recycling dumpster from Allied Waste for select paper, metal and plastic materials. The dumpster is located on West Road adjacent to the Danna Student Center Loading Dock and Biever Hall.

Items that can now be placed in the paper collection bins located inside of buildings or directly into the dumpster include junk mail, white office paper, colored office paper, newspaper, phone books, manila folders, envelopes, paper bags, magazines, catalogs, “cereal box” type cardboard and corrugated cardboard (please flatten first and place behind local collection bins).

Bins for recycling aluminum cans, bimetal or tin cans and plastic bottles are also located outside the entryways of major buildings. These metal items can also be deposited directly in the single stream dumpster.

Also, Loyola is now assisting with recycling of old computer and telephone equipment including laptop and desktop computers, printers, monitors, servers, keyboards, mice and telephones. Items can be brought to Central Receiving, located in Monroe Hall, Room 117. Loyola computers will be erased and removed from inventory. Personal equipment can also be brought in for recycling; however, data from these computers will not be removed by Loyola.

The large metal recycling dumpster will return to campus January 31 through February 3. Aluminum, steel, iron, brass, lead and copper items will be accepted.

Types of items that can be collected include insulated or non-insulated copper wire, car batteries, metal instrumentation, stoves, exercise equipment, metal shelving, appliances, microwave ovens, refrigerators (Freon removed), air conditioners (Freon removed), water heaters (water removed and a hole drilled into the unit), metal desks, metal chairs and plastic chairs with metal legs.

Managers, department chairs and key personnel should start identifying metal items now that are no longer useful and make preparations to have them taken to the container. Individual departments are responsible for taking their materials to the physics department loading dock, located between Monroe Hall and the business school, once the container is in place.

Items that cannot be accepted for recycling at the present time are glass, plastic bags, paper with food debris, paper with plastic or metal coating or waxed cardboard.

For more information about the program, including other acceptable recyclable items, contact Kathy Anzelmo at kfanzelm@loyno.edu or call (504) 865-2215.