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Happy Birthday Iggy!

Loyola press release - October 7, 2010

The Jesuit Center, located in the Office of Mission and Ministry, will celebrate the 10th birthday of "Iggy," the statue of Saint Ignatius of Loyola in between the Danna Student Center and the J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe Library. The celebration will be Tuesday, October 12, from 12:30-2 p.m.

Ignacio Volunteers will be serving free "Iggy" birthday cake and selling "Iggy" wind-up dolls for $5.00 at a table next to the Student Government Association's "PB&J" table in the Peace Quad.

All proceeds benefit the Ignacio Volunteer Programs. The Ignacio programs provide a number of international volunteer service opportunities for Loyola students while exposing them to pressing economic and sociological issues in the Caribbean and the developing world.

For more information, contact Katrina Weschler at 504-865-2328 or weschler@loyno.edu.