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Foursquare hits Loyola's campus

Loyola press release - October 4, 2010

Hip to be square? Yes! Foursquare, the latest, cutting-edge social media application designed to keep students, faculty and staff engaged on what’s happening on campus, has landed squarely on Loyola University New Orleans’ campus starting October 1.

Loyola is one of just 15 universities nationwide, including Harvard, Stanford and Texas, chosen to run the application on their campuses. The purpose behind Foursquare is to encourage students to explore their surrounding, learn about their university’s history, and find their way to different places of interest all while having fun.

“Foursquare is a great venue to promote our programs and events,” said Heather Roundtree, director of Co-Curricular Programs. “It’s another way for our campus to be interconnected and engaging. Foursquare is just another way we have continued to keep the momentum towards incorporating social media outlets here on campus.”

Foursquare turns social networking into a running game, with points being added to your account every time a person uses Foursquare to check in at a particular venue. By checking in, users can leave comments or tips to others on the Foursquare network, while earning more points. The more you check in, the more “badges” users receive and the person who checks in the most at a particular place, whether it’s the chemistry lab or Cooter Brown’s, earns the distinction of being “mayor” of that particular venue.

The Loyola community can easily download the application to their smart phone and not only learn interesting facts about campus life, but also find out more about the surrounding neighborhood and comment on their favorite places. Go to www.Foursquare.com/Loyola_nola to view buildings and venues around campus and sign up yourself. Then, download Foursquare to your phone, search for Loyola and start following us. Search for areas around campus and “Check In” to get started!