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Initial freshman enrollment figures promise strong fall for Loyola

Loyola press release - May 26, 2009

A record number of freshman applications and nearly 880 deposits indicate a strong 2009 fall enrollment for Loyola University New Orleans.

As of Thursday, June 11, the university reported having received 4,811 applications. According to the university’s admissions office, Loyola has received 802 first-year deposits for the 2009 fall semester and 77 deposits from transferring students.

Sal Liberto, Loyola’s vice president for enrollment management, said while the numbers will continue to fluctuate between now and the fall, the figures bode well for the university having its largest freshman class since it saw record enrollment in 2005. That fall, the university welcomed more than 900 freshmen to its campus. The year following Hurricane Katrina, enrollment fell by 33 percent, and the university has been making great strides since to bring those numbers back up.

“Our incoming class this year is strong,” said Liberto. “We have record applications and students are enrolling at high rates despite the economic downturn. Also, we are engaging an ever-widening audience of students, parents, college counselors and teachers to tell the story of this university. Students are excited about Loyola University New Orleans.”

Liberto attributes the increase in deposits and applications to a higher number of campus visits by prospective students and their families. This year, the campus saw a 30-percent increase with 1,760 visits compared to 1,355 last year. According to Liberto, after visiting the campus students are 25 percent more likely to enroll.

“We have told this university’s story with the help of our creative and committed community. Visitors receive an authentic, three-dimensional experience when they come see us,” Liberto said. “We believe very strongly in Loyola and communicate this vision to prospective students. We are thrilled the message has taken root and that so many students are discovering that a Loyola education fits their needs.”

Financial aid offerings and one-on-one interaction with faculty and staff are other contributing factors to Loyola’s increase in enrollment projections, said Liberto. Financial aid representatives work with students to help find financial assistance through programs such as FAFSA, the free application for student aid, which will help qualify them to receive state, federal and institutional grants.

“The staff in admissions and financial aid worked very hard to achieve these results. Our enrollment team builds strong relationships with families and students and this is followed up with great tours and faculty who take the time to sit down with families and make phone calls to prospective students.”

Some of the factors prospective students attributed to their interest in Loyola include the university’s outstanding programs, great value, location, Jesuit values and sense of community, and the opportunity to provide service to New Orleans.

For more information, please contact Loyola’s Director of Public Affairs Meredith Hartley at mhartley@loyno.edu or 504-861-5883.