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Survey says: Students like Loyola

Loyola press release - November 9, 2009

Eighty-five percent of Loyola University New Orleans seniors would choose to attend Loyola again, given the chance, according to the results of the National Survey of Student Engagement. The NSSE is a survey of thousands of students from hundreds of four-year institutions that provides colleges and universities with information they can use to improve undergraduate education. The NSSE also uses information gathered to develop a guide to help potential students and parents choose the right college.

For the 2009 survey, 432 randomly-selected Loyola students were queried on topics related to academics, campus environment and student-faculty relations. Nationwide, and at Loyola, the survey found that the student experience is improving at schools which participate in the survey.

The survey revealed:

· 88 percent of first-year students report a favorable image of the university.

· 80 percent of first-year students felt the university places substantial emphasis on academics.

· 70 percent of students participate in community service or volunteer work by their senior year.

· 62 percent of students participate in some form of practicum or field work by their senior year.

· 68 percent of first-year students indicate they get prompt academic feedback from faculty.

· 26 percent of first-year students participate in community-based projects.

Loyola performed far above its peers in matters of diversity. By their senior year, 77 percent of Loyola students said they had serious conversations with students of another race or ethnicity. Only 59 percent of students from Jesuit universities, 52 percent of students in Loyola’s Carnegie class and 57 percent of students in Loyola’s peer comparison group reported the same experience.

“We think the NSSE survey reflects Loyola’s commitment to educating the whole person,” said the Rev. Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., Ph.D., Loyola’s president. “This survey gives us valuable insights that we use to make the student experience better, but it also affirms the achievements we have already made in attracting, retaining and educating bright, involved students.”

The NSSE is administered by the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research in cooperation with the Indiana University Center for Survey Research. For more information on the survey, visit http://nsse.iub.edu/.