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Loyola dean seeks funding for institute to study education equity

Loyola press release - September 15, 2008

Loyola University New Orleans College of Social Sciences is seeking funding to create the New Orleans Institute for Equity in Public Education.

Dean Luis Mirón, who is heading up the planning process, said the institute will advocate for under-served students and monitor how the systems of schools in New Orleans serve children of color and diverse economic backgrounds and those with special needs.

"Post Katrina, New Orleans has experienced a marked degree of excellence in public education. The city is both a national experiment and potentially a national model," Mirón said.

“I believe we need more schools like Lusher in economically distressed neighborhoods, and more university partnerships to further equity."

Mirón was asked by the Ford Foundation to submit a proposal for funding the institute, which is currently under review. Mirón said he is seeking $100,000 from the foundation to start the institute, which will then be funded through targeted donations.

Mirón said the institute fits perfectly into Loyola’s existing tradition of social justice, the framework of which includes several entities which work for justice and the elimination of racism and poverty.

“By coordinating with other centers and institutes such as JSRI, the Twomey Center and Common Good, Loyola can deepen its impact on the rebuilding of public institutions in New Orleans," Mirón said.

The institute, projected to open in spring 2009, will be located at Loyola, but will be comprised of a wide-range of educators and researchers from New Orleans and all over the U.S.

To schedule an interview with Dean Luis Mirón, contact Catherine Koppel at 504-861-5448 or ckoppel@loyno.edu.