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Loyola encourages campus community to 'go green'

Loyola press release - August 22, 2008

(NEW ORLEANS) - Loyola University New Orleans continues its commitment to maintaining greener campuses by encouraging and helping the university community recycle, reuse and save energy on both of its campuses.

One of the easiest ways students, faculty and staff can commit to a greener campus is through recycling.

The Loyola Recycling Program encourages students to outfit their rooms with Brita or Pur water filters and use refillable bottles and mugs to cut down on plastics usage. Currently, there is not an affordable plastic recycling method available to Loyola. The program collects and accepts office paper, newspaper, magazines, aluminum and tin cans.

Over the summer, the program placed blue bins at the entrances to all campus buildings, clearly marked for can recycling. Both aluminum and bimetal (tin) cans may be placed in these bins. Loyola Recycling asks the campus community to empty and flatten all cans placed in the bins.

The university also has a clearly-marked newspaper and magazine dumpster located on West Road, on the Freret Street side of the West Road Garage.

The university’s cleaning service, WFF, Inc., has placed 40 office paper collection bins all over campus, which will be emptied by maintenance staff on Thursdays. Students, faculty and staff can also recycle office paper in the marked green dumpster on the St. Charles side of West Road Garage.

For students looking for ways to make their residence halls more eco-friendly, there are a myriad of websites offering tips:

  • www.thegreenguide.com suggests purchasing used furniture and decorations as well as sustainable bamboo-thread sheets and 100 percent organic cotton towels.
  • www.suite101.com encourages buying gently-used clothes and reusable kitchen utensils and walking and biking, instead of using a car.
  • www.treehugger.com says to shop locally and consider storing possessions over the holidays and summer, instead of shipping or lugging items back home.

On-campus residents have the option of renting the MicroFridge®, a combination refrigerator, freezer and microwave appliance rated by Energy Star, from the Student Government Association office located in the basement of the Danna Center. The university book store sells power strips so students can consolidate electrical appliances and turn them off at once, keeping them from drawing power while not in use.

For a list of acceptable recycling materials and collection locations, go to www.loyno.edu/recycling. For general information on the Loyola Recycling Program or to volunteer, email recycle@loyno.edu.