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June Loyola Lagniappe Registration deadline is Friday

Loyola press release - June 2, 2008

The word lagniappe ('lan-,yap) is a traditional term from the rich Creole dialect mixture of New Orleans, where it acquired a French spelling. It is still used to denote "a little something extra".

While the August orientation program, Wolfpack Welcome, is the main event, Loyola Lagniappe is a BRAND NEW optional experience that serves as "a little something extra" for students and their families earlier in the summer before moving to school.

Loyola Lagniappe is a 1.5 day program featured once in June and July. Participants will engage in panel discussions with student affairs staff.

Students and families will have the opportunity to stay in separate residence halls, so there is no need to worry about getting hotels. Students will meet with their adviser and go over your class schedule. There will be tours of the Loyola University New Orleans campus and various buildings. Paritipants will have an opportunity to explore the great city of New Orleans!

Registration for this program is REQUIRED. Please visit www.loyno.edu/orientation/loyola_langiappe.html for the tentative schedule and the on-line registration form.

For additional information contact: Hollie Chessman by email at hmchessm@loyno.edu