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Loyola’s 100th graduating class steps on campus this fall

Loyola press release - May 15, 2008

Loyola University New Orleans, founded in 1912, is looking forward to welcoming the centennial class of 2012 this fall. The incoming freshman class of 2008 will be the 100th graduating class for Loyola.

Loyola experienced a 21 percent increase in applications for this fall. Student applications for fall 2008 total 3,514 to date compared to 2,903 applications at this same time last year. For the incoming centennial class, there are 704 freshmen enrolled to date compared to 515 commitments on this same date in 2007. This 36 percent increase in the number of anticipated enrolling students is a result of students finding a match in Loyola and the city of New Orleans.

According to Lori Zawistowski, interim dean of admissions and enrollment management, several incoming students have expressed the desire to “be a part of something” and the opportunity to “give of themselves” as their reason for applying to Loyola.

“Students appear to be drawn to the Jesuit tradition, calling on an individual to be a person for others and contribute to the greater good of society,” said Zawistowski. “At the same time, students find that these ideals meet reality when resumes are being enhanced, networking opportunities are explored and a skill set is being developed. At Loyola, students are drawn to a culture where service is not a requirement but a way of life. The strength of the academic programs meets the drive of individuals to volunteer, and together we see our students moving forward in the uniquely Jesuit commitment to social justice.”

The incoming freshman class is also one of the most talented academically, as well. Initial reviews show that grade point averages and test scores reflect solid increases over 2007. Students enrolling at Loyola for the fall represent 43 states, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C. and the Virgin Islands along with 13 foreign countries. Minority students represent 38.5 percent of the class and 56 percent of the class is female. First-generation students comprise nearly 29 percent of the class.

In addition to students’ interest in being part of New Orleans’ rebirth, much of this current year’s success is also attributed to increased recruitment initiatives. Zawistowski said the focus for Loyola’s recruitment initiatives has always been on progressive relationship building. She said the admissions staff has worked diligently on making more high school visits and increasing attendance numbers at college fairs, as well as conducting several admitted student receptions in cities around the country. As a result, campus visits have been up significantly at Loyola compared to the 2007 recruitment year.

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