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Loyola rates among safest campuses in country

Loyola press release - March 14, 2008

According to the recent Reader’s Digest 2008 March issue, Loyola University New Orleans received an “A” rating for its safety record and was listed, among other top universities, as being one of the safest universities in the country. Loyola is listed as the 37th safest campus, which placed it among the top third surveyed universities. The Reader’s Digest rankings and grades can be viewed here.

In fall 2007, Reader’s Digest administered a comprehensive survey of 291 top college campuses on important safety issues ranging from residence halls with camera security to around-the-clock security and emergency plans. To conduct the survey, Reader’s Digest invited participation by top colleges and universities to measure how well prepared they were to handle various safety and security issues. When the results were calculated, the schools were ranked in the exact order of their preparedness and were given grades of “A”, “B”, or “C.”

Some of the areas where Loyola scored highly are the safety of the residence halls; safety education of freshmen during orientation with topics on drug use, binge drinking, and rape; and the university’s emergency response plan and notification system. In addition to these services, 22 full-time university police officers provide escorts 24 hours a day in addition to shuttle services, crime statistics and alerts, and self-defense training. Loyola officers are graduates of state-approved police academies and many are college graduates or are pursuing their college degrees. All officers are certified in CPR and first aid, and the department also includes a full-time crime prevention officer and investigator.

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