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Monk Institute, College of Music and Fine Arts present “I am Music” mural collaboration

Loyola press release - January 19, 2008

(New Orleans)—The Loyola University New Orleans College of Music and Fine Arts is proud to present the opening of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance “I Am Music” mural installation in the cyber café of the Monk Institute on the 4th floor of the Communications/Music Complex.

A favorite poem of music lovers, I Am Music, by Allan C. Inman, has been painted in huge letters on to almost every wall of the cyber café that is part of the Monk Institute. The project is a collaboration between the graphic design department at Loyola, the Monk Institute, the Mystic Blue Sign Shop, and Loyola University.

Suzan Jenkins, director of the Monk Institute at Loyola, came up with the idea of turning the poem into a graphic design environmental installation. Jenkins visualized it as a spiritual way-station for the jazz ensemble members and visiting dignitaries to the Monk Institute. “I know it will enhance the space and help us as we strive to create a nurturing environment that stimulates innovative thought,” said Jenkins.

The visual arts beginning typography courses, in which students learn the rudiments of the study of type, worked on the Monk collaboration. The students drew the letterforms by hand, designed the installation, and took sign-painting lessons from Yvette Rutledge, master sign painter and owner of Mystic Blue Sign Shop on Magazine Street.

Logistics of the project were facilitated by Stewart Becnel, director and technical manager for the College of Music, and Ann Moss, assistant director of the Loyola Physical Plant, who provided scaffolding, drop cloths and safety guidance.

For more information on this or other College of Music and Fine Arts events, please contact Sean Snyder at smsnyder@loyno.edu or call (504) 861-5882.