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Provost Distinguished professor of philosophy publishes book on C.I. Lewis

Loyola press release - June 7, 2007

(New Orleans)—Loyola University New Orleans Provost Distinguished professor of philosophy Sandra B. Rosenthal, Ph.D. has published a book on C.I. Lewis, American academic philosopher and the founder of conceptual pragmatism, called The Pulse of Pragmatism. In the book, Rosenthal explores Lewis’ philosophical vision and links his thoughts to the traditions of classical American pragmatism.

Rosenthal is the author of 11 books and approximately 200 articles. Rosenthal’s areas of specialization include general American philosophy, American pragmatism, process metaphysics, philosophy of knowledge, pragmatism and continental philosophy, and business ethics. She has presented over 175 professional papers and lectures in the U.S. and abroad and has given invited formal lecture series on American pragmatism in China, Poland, and Germany. Her lectures in China were translated into Chinese and published there as a book. She was an invited major session speaker at the 1998 Meeting of the World Congress of Philosophy. Rosenthal has served as president of and on the executive committee of several societies and executive boards and a member of the editorial board of several journals. An entry on her philosophy is included in the forthcoming comprehensive Encyclopedia of American Philosophy.

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