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Political Science professor inspires students at high school alma mater

Loyola press release - June 13, 2007

(New Orleans)ó Loyola University New Orleans Associate Professor of Political Science Peter F. Burns returned to his alma mater, Ansonia High School (1988), this month to tell students that hard work and taking responsibility will make them successful.

Burnsí book, Success in College: From Cís in High School to Aís in College, offers insights into how to do well in the world of academia.

"The key factor that separates good and bad students is not intelligence. The key factor is effort," Burns told the students. "The people who try will do better than the people who donít." Burns urged students not to "slide by" in school. "Donít survive college, thrive at college.Ē

Burns graduated magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut and went on to earn a doctorate from the University of Maryland. Burns' teaching and research interests include American Politics, Urban Politics, Race and Ethnicity, Public Policy, and other courses within the American Government subfield. In 2001, he was named a Norton Long Young Scholar by the American Political Science Association's organized section on Urban Politics for his innovative work in urban politics. His research has appeared in Political Science Quarterly, Journal of Urban Affairs, Social Science Quarterly, and the Southeastern Political Review.

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