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Message from the President on VA Tech Tragedy

Loyola press release - April 19, 2007

Dear members of the Loyola University Community,

Normally I would be writing our faculty and staff in a bi-weekly update. However, this is not a normal week. The events at Virginia Tech reach far beyond the loss and tragedy in Blacksburg, Virginia.

This is a profoundly sad and tragic event for Virginia Tech. It is a time of grieving and loss for those who are there. For those of us who aren’t part of Virginia Tech, this is a time when we think about our own fragile and vulnerable nature. It is also a time when we remember, once again, our need for the support and care of others and the need to extend care to one another. I hope that members of the Loyola community will reach out to one another to both give and receive support.

The events of the last 19 months in New Orleans have led us, on several occasions, to review all of our emergency precautions and planning. I am confident that we have good plans in place for day to day security and for more extreme emergencies. This tragedy, of course, leads us to review yet again our emergency procedures and preparations. I will be meeting with the vice presidents, and others, to review all of our procedures and planning. Once done, I will update the campus in a future e-mail.

I ask that you continue to keep the Virginia Tech community in your thoughts and prayers. We pray that God will bring them to some sense of peace in this time of great suffering.

Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J.President

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