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Law school holds open house for accepted students

Loyola press release - March 4, 2007

(New Orleans)—The law school will host an Open House for accepted law students on March 16, 2007, and April 20, 2007. Invitations will be sent to all accepted students from the law admissions office.

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law was established in 1914. In the Jesuit tradition of academic rigor, pursuit of justice, and service to others, the College of Law has as its mission to educate future members of the Bar to be skilled advocates and sensitive counselors-at-law, committed to ethical norms in pursuit of dignity for all. The College of Law offers both civil law and common law curriculums, full time day and part-time evening programs, as well as five joint degree programs. The College of Law faculty is a community of scholars committed to academic excellence in teaching and scholarship, as well as service for others.

Loyola University New Orleans is a Jesuit-Catholic institution with a total student enrollment of 4,724 including 800 law students.