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24-Hour Theatre Festival

Loyola announcement - March 23, 2007

Alpha Psi Omega will host a 24-Hour Theatre Festival on Saturday, March 24. The event requires students to write, direct, and produce plays all in a days work.

Participating students enter into the festival by selecting one of three roles: director, playwright, or actor. At the stroke of midnight, the playwrights create plays ranging from 10-20 minutes in length, and print out however many copies are needed for the participants who have signed up to act.

First thing in the morning, once the playwrights have completed their scripts, the directors draw at random the plays that each of them will direct, as well as the actors. The playwrights are then released, and then the directors and actors, breaking only for lunch and dinner, rehearse until performance time.

Performances for the 2007 24-Hour Festival will take place Saturday, March 24, at 8 p.m. in Lower Depths Theatre. Admission is free.