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Minnijean Brown Trickey of the Little Rock Nine Kicks-Off Eleventh Father Carter Lecture Series

Loyola press release - February 23, 2007

(New Orleans, LA)—Minnijean Brown Trickey, one of the Little Rock Nine, will speak to the Loyola University community about her long career as a crusader for civil rights in her speech, “Return to Little Rock,” on February 27, at 7:30 p.m., in Roussel Hall. This event is free and open to the public.

One September morning in 1957 in Little Rock, Arkansas, Minnijean Brown Trickey and eight other young African-American students defied the state, the governor, and armed troops, crossing the threshold of Little Rock Central High to begin desegregating Central High. In one of the most defining moments of the civil rights movement, the students who would come to be known as the Little Rock Nine took their rightful place in what had been until that moment a whites-only institution.

Brown Trickey has spent her life fighting for the rights of minority groups and the dispossessed. For her work, she has received the U.S. Congressional Medal, the Wolf Award, the Spingarn Medal, and many other citations and awards.
Brown Trickey's life has been a powerful example of what one person can do to make the world a better place. Under the Clinton administration, she served for a time as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Interior responsible for diversity. Currently, she lives in Arkansas, and is continuing her work for civil rights and social equality. She is also working on her autobiography, tentatively entitled, Mixed Blessing: Living Black in North America.

Brown Trickey’s speech, “Return to Little Rock,” is designed to provide audiences with an exploration of social change, diversity, and the battle against discrimination and racism, aiming to help listeners to understand both how far we have come from that fateful autumn in Little Rock, and how far we have to go, in the battle for freedom and equality in America.

The Father Carter Lecture series is a semi-annual event held with various speakers. On March 25, 2007, CNN’s Anderson Cooper will speak to the Loyola University community in Roussel Hall for the final lecture in Loyola’s Father Carter Lecture series (only open to Loyola students, faculty, and staff).

For additional information regarding the Minnijean Brown Trickey event, please contact Hollie Chessman at (504) 865-3276 or visit http://www.thelavinagency.com/college/minnijeanbrowntrickey.html