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University of Dortmund raises money for tuition for Loyola students

Loyola press release - October 9, 2005

(Dortmund, Germany) Due to a successful fundraising campaign, The University of Dortmund of Dortmund, Germany, has raised enough money to cover the cost of tuition for five students from Loyola University New Orleans who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
The five students are communications senior Brandi Boatner; drama and communications senior Marianne Dauphin; Hanna King, a junior majoring in music; sociology junior Ashley Stone; and Jimmy Williams, a music education sophomore.
The students will commence their fall semester in Dortmund during the second week of October through the ISEP program of which both Loyola and Dortmund are members.
We were very happy to be able to reach out to Loyola University New Orleans in their time of need and hope that we will continue our cooperation once normalcy returns, said Walter Grnzweig, coordinator of U.S. exchanges at Dortmund.

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