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A Message from the President - 9/14/05

Loyola press release - October 4, 2005

A Message from the President
Dear Members of the Loyola Community,

I want to take a moment to give you a weekly update on the University.

We are up and running in a number of ways. The Provost and Academic Affairs are working out of our site at the University of Houston. Academic questions can be directed to that office. The phone numbers are on the website. The University of Houston has given us a place to operate the Law School as well. Many other universities and colleges have enrolled our students across the nation. I am deeply grateful for their generosity.

I am also deeply grateful to those who have responded to our efforts to raise funds so that we can continue to support our staff and faculty. Our most important resources are our people –faculty, staff, and students – and we want to be sure we can take care of our people.

We have begun planning to reopen operations on St. Charles Avenue for the spring semester. The campus was largely untouched by the hurricane and the campus was secured after the hurricane. So we are in good shape physically to resume. We are working with FEMA and the Shaw Group to examine options for our faculty and staff who have been affected by Katrina. We are also working with Tulane University to find ways that we can help one another reopen this spring.

We have also begun the normal process of admissions and recruiting for next year’s fall class. I hope their arrival in 2006 will be a bit less exciting than the arrival of this year’s class!

We are living in a unique moment in the history of the University, the city, and the region. I believe that this is a moment of resurrection and new life for all. We will not just rebuild but we have the opportunity to build anew. Though we have much work ahead of us, I am profoundly optimistic about our future and the future of the city. I look forward to working with everyone to build our future.

With prayers and best wishes,

Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., Ph.D.



September 14, 2005