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Weekly Update from the President - 9/21/05

Loyola press release - October 3, 2005

Dear Members of the Loyola University community,

I want to take a moment to give you my weekly update on the University.

In the last week I have received a number of emails asking about the state of the campus and about returning to campus. Let me start with the state of the campus. It is good. While there has been some damage, the University had no serious flooding issues and there was no looting or vandalism. Many people have emailed me about belongings left in the residence halls. They should be fine. We have had members of our Facilities staff, led by Mr. Paul Fleming, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Pat Bailey, Chief of University Police, on campus since Katrina hit. I am deeply grateful to all those who have been on campus throughout this tragedy.

Also, a number of people have emailed me about returning to campus to retrieve some of their belongings. That will be possible in time but we need a couple of things to happen. First, we need the reopening of the City. Also, at this moment we do not have normal power on campus. The power that is running is coming from auxiliary generators. The lack of power means there are no lights or working elevators in the residence halls. I am concerned about people’s safety when they return to campus. So a second condition is the restoration of power. Furthermore, we are under staffed on campus at the moment. I have asked Dr. Tom Smith, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, to work with Mr. Fleming on a safe and sane way to have people return to campus. We will post the details on the web page when they are opened for student access. I would not want to have people travel to campus only to be turned away.

I have also received some emails with questions about tuition. What I have said from the start of this is that Loyola will handle tuition, room, and board on an institution to institution basis. Given the fragile nature of our infrastructure this is the best way for us to proceed. I have also said that no one will pay tuition twice for the same semester. If someone is attending an institution and has had to pay a second tuition, we will work out a refund as soon as we can given the fractured nature of our infrastructure. If someone has questions about financial aid or scholarships, they should contact our Academic Affairs office listed on our web page (http://www.loyno.edu ).

In the next few weeks I will be traveling to visit our alumni clubs across the nation. During the next forty days I will visit 16 clubs and cities. These travels will offer a chance to meet with the Loyola community –alumni, students, staff, and faculty– scattered across the United States.

These travels will also be an opportunity for me to reach out to our benefactors and supporters to secure the resources we need to give the University the financial stability it needs and to support the staff and faculty of the University.

As we continue to work on reopening for the spring semester and planning for the future, I see this as a moment of resurrection for the University and the City. There is a possibility of new life, grounded in the life that has gone before but transformed by new possibilities. I look forward to working with you in building the future.

With prayers and best wishes,

Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., Ph.D. 21 September 2005


Posted on September 21, 2005