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Letter from Walter Harris September 5, 2005

Loyola press release - October 3, 2005

Greetings to All,

I am happy to learn that so many members of our Loyola Family managed to evacuate the New Orleans area safely. For this, we offer our prayers of thanksgiving. Our prayers also go out to all of our fellow citizens in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

After safely evacuating with our own families, all of the administration has been working around the clock putting in place emergency arrangements to move the work and care of our campus community along as well as we can. Yesterday, you learned that a remote administrative office has opened in Alexandria, Louisiana. Additionally, we have been working on arrangements in Houston, Texas and just yesterday received permission from the Chancellor of the University of Houston to set up shop in a suite of offices to establish a temporary Loyola University New Orleans site here. For this we are extremely grateful.

I have now been able to get in touch with each of the deans. They are all safe. We have thus far been successful in contacting many faculty members and are continuing to hear daily from others. We are working diligently to make sure every member of the Loyola Community is accounted for.

The Council of Deans will be assembled for a strategy meeting Thursday and Friday, September 8 th and 9 th . We will be addressing the plethora of academic issues now confronting us. I have been absolutely delighted by how our University is pulling together to resolve these issues. Loyola is a strong university. Through all of our efforts, it will continue to be a strong university. While we do not have all of the answers today, we want to assure our parents and students that we will be as reasonable and generous as possible in helping students through this difficult time. I am instructing the Deans to interpret academic requirements as flexibly as possible for credits earned for the Fall 2005 semester. For students unable to enroll in a fellow Jesuit institution this fall, we are prepared to accept credits that meet their academic program requirements from any regionally accredited institution in the country. We will not leave any of our students stranded academically because of the situation which has befallen us this semester.

In the next few days we hope to be in touch with as many of our academic advisors as possible to assist students with academic issues and concerns. As soon as land phone lines are installed in our new temporary Houston offices, we will post them along with all other contact information for the academic colleges to our shadow website so that students can have direct access for assistance.

Please be patient. This is a temporary set-back for Loyola University New Orleans and the City of New Orleans. We look forward to working with you all in the very near future and having you resume your education at our home campus in New Orleans beginning Spring 2006.


Walter Harris, Jr., Ph.D.

Provost and Academic Vice President

Posted on September 4, 2005