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Message from Loyola University President Kevin Wildes, SJ - 8/30/05

Loyola press release - October 2, 2005

Loyola University New Orleans suffered no significant damage to the campus from Hurricane Katrina. The City of New Orleans, however, has been severely affected by wind and water damage and is in a state of emergency. Water and utility services have been severely compromised. Loyola will resume its normal business schedule once all appropriate city services have been restored. At this point, we cannot predict a precise timeframe for resumption. In the mean time, the university remains closed.

We are confident that Loyola will re-open and continue our educational mission in New Orleans. We are grateful that the Loyola campus has been spared significant physical damage and we are thankful for the many staff members who have worked so diligently to assist in the evacuation of students and to maintain the safety of the campus. Many members of the Loyola community including students, faculty, and staff have been personally impacted by this storm. Our prayers are with all of them as well as the many families in the New Orleans area during this difficult time.

Updates about the university closure will be posted on the telephone emergency information line at 504 865-2186 and on the university web page at www.loyno.edu, once the server is up and running. Messages will also be posted on the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities web site at www.ajcunet.edu.

Rev. Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J.

President, Loyola University New Orleans