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New Orleans' Private Universities Join Forces in Wake of Katrina

Loyola press release - October 12, 2005


Tulane, Xavier, Dillard and Loyola universities are working together to support one another's efforts to resume classes in January. The four institutions have formed a consortium that will allow Xavier and Dillard to hold classes this spring on the campuses of Tulane and Loyola universities, as well as to share meeting and administrative space among the four schools.

The effort will allow Dillard and Xavier students to maintain a sense of community and identity—physically and symbolically—for the calendar year 2006.

“New Orleans and Louisiana need their institutions of higher education to continue to grow economically and academically,” said Scott S. Cowen, president of Tulane University. “We are gratified to be able to offer Xavier and Dillard universities our available space to help them through their rebuilding phase as we continue our own rebuilding efforts.”

The Rev. Kevin Wm. Wildes, Loyola president, said, "The New Orleans-area universities are a vital part of the state's economy and higher education community. It's imperative that we are all able to resume operations and welcome back our students in January 2006. At Loyola, we are committed to re-opening in January and we are also committed to helping Xavier and Dillard while they rebuild their campuses."

Dillard and Xavier students will be able to attend classes on Tulane and Loyola's campuses so long as they pay their tuition to their home schools. Tulane and Loyola courses will be available to Dillard and Xavier students on a space available basis.

“Tulane invited us to consider a Memorandum of Understanding, which we developed collaboratively,” said Dillard President Marvalene Hughes. “They have responded enthusiastically and we approved this opportunity to return to our home in New Orleans.”

"While we remain confident of our ability to welcome students back to our own campus, the relationship established with our Tulane and Loyola counterparts will be an important aspect of Xavier's plans to reopen in January," said Xavier President Norman C. Francis. “It gives us leeway, in the event of any unforeseen challenges or hindrances, to restoring full campus operations by then."

A task force has been organized to formulate details and implementation. The task force will hold a series of meetings in Atlanta, New Orleans and Houston as plans are finalized for the Spring '06 semester.