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Loyola's production of The Children’s Hour receives Big Easy Award for Best University Production

Loyola press release - April 30, 2004

Loyola’s production of The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman, directed by Anne Kauffman won the 2003 Big Easy Award for the Best University Production. The award is a superb recognition of the faculty and student cast and crew’s artistic and technical talents.

Loyola’s other production Camwood on the Leaves, directed by Lane Savadove, was also nominated for Best University Production. Both productions were produced by the Department of Drama and Speech, which is chaired by Georgia Gresham, who also serves as artistic director/producer.

The Children’s Hour is set in a private school for girls where Mary, one of the students, accuses two female teachers of having an “abnormal attachment” to each other. Mary shares her accusation with her grandmother, who is a huge financial contributor to the school, and her grandmother forces the school’s closure. Mary’s accusations are later proven false.

The Children’s Hour and Camwood on the Leaves were two of the three nominations for the 2003 Best University Production category.

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