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Loyola faculty members publish unique works

Loyola press release - November 12, 1999

Professor and Director of Writing Across the Curriculum program at Loyola University New Orleans, Melanie McKay, Ph.D., is teaching accountants the communications skills they will need to succeed with a newly published book, The Accountant’s Guide to Professional Communication. McKay co-wrote the book with Elizabeth Rosa, a business and accounting professor at Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales in Pennsylvania.

The Accountant’s Guide is the only comprehensive text of its kind in the field that uses real world examples and covers all areas of the profession. It is a textbook for current students but can be useful for entry-level professionals. To create the book, the authors consulted professionals in the accounting field and those who teach accounting and writing.

McKay, who is also an assistant professor of English, has published articles and made numerous presentations at academic conferences on the subject of professional writing.

Edward McCaughan, assistant professor of sociology at Loyola, published Reinventando la Revolucion: La Renovacion del Discurso de Izquierda en Cuba y Mexico. The book was originally released in paperback in the United States last year and received such interest that it was translated and released recently in a Spanish-language edition. McCaughan recently returned from Mexico City where his Spanish edition was presented. The presentation included scholars Sergio Bagu, eminent Argentine Latin Americanist; Federico Alvarez, a well-known Spanish philosopher; Alejandro Alvarez, a prominent economist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico; and Marco Rascon, a famous grassroots organizer and Mexico City mayoral candidate. They were all very impressed with the book and highly praised it at the presentation.

McCaughan’s visit gained recognition in the major local dailies and a feature story in the Mexican publication El Universal.