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Loyola University New Orleans to host workshop on Undoing Racism

Loyola press release - October 29, 1999

(New Orleans)—Loyola University New Orleans will hosts a two-day workshop on "Undoing Racism." The workshop, which runs Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 13–14, 1999, is intensive training designed to empower participants with an understanding of and renewed drive to eradicate racism. This goal is accomplished by helping participants establish a common working analysis thus laying the foundation to build a strategy for eradicating racism. The cost of the workshop is $200.

There are seven guiding principles incorporated in the workshop to bring about a positive change. These principles include: defining and undoing racism; defining and sharing culture, learning from history, leadership development, accountability, community organizing, and networking.

The workshop is sponsored in part by Loyola’s Department of Sociology, Loyola’s Social Justice Scholarship Program, Loyola University Community Action Program (LUCAP), and Campus Ministry.

According to Laurie Joyner, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociology, "The workshop is designed to help students better understand institutional racism and the challenges of engaging in social justice work from anti-racist perspective."

The "Undoing Racism" workshop is offered through The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, a national multi-racial collective of organizers and educators combining years of experience in community work and movement building. The organization provides education and training in leadership development, networking, personal and community empowerment, and basic organizing skills to low-income communities, social change organizations, religious groups, and peace organizations.

Limited space is available. Contact Joyner at 865-2571.