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Alumnus, teacher, dean and friend of the Loyola School of Law receives award

Loyola press release - January 15, 1999

(New Orleans)— An enthusiastic standing ovation could be heard throughout the Waterbury Room at the Sheraton Hotel today when Loyola University New Orleans School of Law mainstay, Marcel Garsaud, B’54, L’59, received the alumni association’s high honor. Garsaud was the fifth recipient of the St. Ives Award, named after the patron saint of lawyers. The award is bestowed annually to an alumnus who has volunteered services to the law school or the university, maintained the highest standards of the profession, and furthered the mission of the alumni association.

Garsaud, Alvin R. Christovich Professor of Law at Loyola, has a long and auspicious relationship with Loyola. In 1950, he entered as an undergraduate. Six years later after graduating with a bachelor of business administration and a stint in the military, Garsaud began Loyola’s law school. Four years after graduation, in 1963, Garsaud initiated his professional affiliation with the university when he joined the law faculty. From 1970-82, he served as dean of the law school, the first Loyola alumnus to hold this position. Later, Garsaud served as interim dean for two years while the school searched for a permanent leader. In recognition of his years of dedicated teaching and contributions to the law school, Garsaud was invested as the Alvin R. Christovich Professor of Law in 1997.

Prior to serving at Loyola, Garsaud served as a tax attorney for the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey in New York City from 1959-1963. After stepping down as dean in 1982, he served as a partner with the law firm of Gordon, Arata, McCollam, Duplantis and Eagan in New Orleans until 1994.