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Human Resources revises vacation policy for staff

August 21, 2009

Regular full-time staff employees are provided vacation time off with pay in order to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits.

In order to provide employees greater flexibility in how vacation time off may be used, and to meet changing fiscal requirements, the University is making changes to the vacation policy. These changes affect how and when vacation is made available to employees.

Effective this current pay period, employees will be allotted all of the vacation they will earn during the new fiscal year in August. Employees may use their vacation at any time during the year with the approval of their manager. At the end of each fiscal year, July 31, any unused vacation will be forfeited, and vacation for the next year will be allotted. Vacation days may not be carried over from one year to the next.

Upon starting work, new employees will be allotted a prorated amount of vacation commensurate with the time remaining in the fiscal year. Employees starting on or before the 15th day of a month will be allotted a vacation day for that month. New employees may not take vacation in their first three months of employment, with exceptions being made for employees starting between April 1 and July 15, inclusively.

Upon terminating employment, employees will be paid for unused vacation days that will have been earned by the date of termination. If an employee has used more vacation days than they have earned at the date of termination, pay for those days will be deducted from their final paycheck.

The complete vacation policy can be found at:


-Why are these changes being made, and how do they benefit me?

It was determined that the University can no longer carry the financial obligation associated with accrued vacation carryover from one fiscal year to the next. It was also determined that employees needed greater flexibility and access to their vacation benefit. Instead of having to wait and accrue vacation, all of your vacation for the fiscal year will be made available at the beginning of the fiscal year, providing more flexibility and ease in planning.

-Will the changes affect how much vacation I currently earn, or will earn in the future?

No. Vacation amounts provided to employees will remain the same as before.

-Will my current vacation balance be affected by this change?

Whatever vacation balance you carried over from fiscal year 2008-09 (up to 10 days) will be added to your vacation allotment for 2009-10. Carryover will not be allowed in future years.

-How does my anniversary date affect the amount of time I am allotted each August?

In August, you will be allotted the number of vacation days that corresponds to your next anniversary date. For example, employees who have between three and four years of service earn 15 vacation days per year. If an employee’s third anniversary is in December, he/she will be allotted 15 days in the previous August.

-I am a ten-month employee. Does this policy pertain to me?

Yes, this policy covers both ten- and twelve-month employees.

-How do I find out how much vacation time I have available?

Login to Employee Web Services and check your most recent pay stub.


If you have further questions about the vacation policy, contact any member of the HR staff at 504-864-7757.

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