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Office of Student Affairs

The mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to cultivate a learning community in the Jesuit tradition which engages students in the full development of all human qualities. The office's vision is to be the leader in student-centered, values rich, co-curricular education. The implementation of the office mission is informed by the key values of:

  • dignity: the value of each person created by God
  • excellence: the call to develop all abilities and talents
  • wholeness: a commitment to mind, body, and spirit
  • inclusiveness: the awareness of finding God in all things
  • compassion: a commitment to being with and for others


Career Development Center | Co-Curricular Programs | Intercollegiate Athletics and Wellness | New Student Orientation | Residential Life | Student Health Services | University Counseling Center

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center, in partnership with the academic community and employers, empowers students to identify and develop career decision-making and job search skills that help them establish purposeful, intentional, and authentic careers. The center fulfills its mission by engaging in work that:

  • Fosters students' career exploration
  • Facilitates student participation in internships and experiential education
  • Teaches students internship and job search skills
  • Creates opportunities for students and employers to meet
  • Builds relationships with employers so as to offer students diverse career options
  • Helps students investigate graduate school opportunities

Co-Curricular Programs

Co-Curricular Programs serves all students, student organizations and outside vendors. The office oversees Loyola chartered organizations as well as the overall functions of the Danna Student Center. This office also reserves meeting room space, coordinates student activities and is the center for commuter resources.

Intercollegiate Athletics and Wellness

It is the express purpose of Intercollegiate Athletics and Wellness to meet the diverse needs of the university community with a broad-based comprehensive program including intramural sports, fitness programs, extramural sports, club sports, non-credit instructional programs, open recreation, and special interest programs. The University Sports Complex is a multi-purpose sports facility which includes: multi-purpose courts used for basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, and soccer; 2 racquetball courts; an olympic-style natatorium for swimming and diving; a whirlpool; a suspended jogging track and a weightlifting/conditioning area. It has locker rooms which include a sauna and steam room.

New Student Orientation

The mission of New Student Orientation is to facilitate the transition of freshmen and transfer students into Loyola University New Orleans by preparing them for Loyola’s educational opportunities and by incorporating new students into the intellectual, cultural and social climate of the Loyola community. New Student Orientation fulfills its mission by meeting its goals and learning objectives which are:

  • To provide direct programs and services for incoming students and their families that address the process of transition, introduce them to the broad curricular and co-curricular opportunities available, and provide opportunities for them to become active members of the Loyola community.
  • To assist in identifying freshman and transfer students who may be at risk and in the design of interventions that seek to assist them in completing their first year at the university.
  • To provide information, direction and support to all campus offices and departments, including the academic colleges, in orienting new students. To actively include current students in the process of incorporating new students as members of the Loyola community.
  • To design programs which familiarize incoming students with the character, values and traditions of Loyola University New Orleans.
  • To assist students to become actively engaged in their education
  • To assist students to become effective decision-makers
  • To assist students to understand their role as a community member

Residential Life

The Department of Residential Life supports the academic mission of the University by providing a residential environment that fosters the development of the whole person in a community grounded in the Jesuit tradition. Residential life fulfills its mission by embodying its goals which are:

  • To facilitate academic success by supporting both student needs and the academic mission of the University.
  • To support students in their search for meaning through the Jesuit values and an Ignatian world view.
  • To develop students as global citizens committed to the holistic well-being of themselves and those around them.
  • To maintain residence halls that are safe, clean, attractive, and that honor the dignity of each student.

The primary objective of the Residential Life program is to provide an environment conducive to academic achievement and holistic learning in which students feel comfortable and at home. All members of the Residential Life team work together to create a challenging yet supportive environment that achieves this objective and enhances the educational process.

Residence halls at Loyola University New Orleans exist to provide both a safe and comfortable physical environment, and services designed to facilitate the learning, growth, and personal development of each residential student. Residence hall living provides students with an opportunity to learn about persons from varied backgrounds and cultures and to share diverse values and ideas. Living in a residence hall helps develop living skills and a sense of responsibility to the community.

The Residential Life program at Loyola is designed to promote the development of maturity and responsibility among students while giving them the guidance and security offered in a structured living and learning environment. Residential Life regulations and policies are established as a means to maximize the comfort, convenience, and safety of each resident and to express Loyola's behavioral expectations, which are essential for congenial and productive coexistence.

Through developmentally-focused programming in the halls, Residential Life aims to contribute to the holistic development of each resident by providing out-of-class educational experiences that facilitate student learning in eight wellness dimensions: Cultural, Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Spiritual, and Vocational.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides the campus community with professional services for medical healthcare. In its work with students, the department recognizes the developmental nature of student life. Services may be educational and/or preventative in focus. We support the larger mission of Loyola University to uphold the dignity and value of each person as created by God, to foster a commitment to wholeness of mind, body and spirit, and to maintain a compassionate response to the community.

University Counseling Center

The mission of the Center is to provide the University with professional services in the area of psychological counseling. In its work with students, the Center recognizes the developmental nature of student life; therefore services may be educational, preventative, or remedial in focus. The Center supports the larger mission of the university to educate men and women for others whose actions are guided by a faith that does justice in a troubled and complex world. The Center serves as a resource to the university community in its areas of responsibility and consults with all university personnel as appropriate. The Center seeks to evaluate the needs of students and the efficiency of operation through research activities. The Center contributes to the development of the counseling field by providing practical training opportunities to graduate students in counseling and social work.

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