qwe Mission Statement for the Office of Finance & Administration - Loyola University New Orleans

Office of Finance + Administration

The Division of Finance and Administraton (the Division) is responsible for preserving, enhancing and supporting the University's financial, physical and human resources. The Division provides consultation, support and services to the University.

In order to achieve these goals, the Division must challenge the actions of all University units to ensure the activities proposed and resources requested reflect sound business judgment and support the overall goals and mission of the University. The Division's staff works closely with all areas of the University to:

  • responsibly manage the University's resources ensuring its sound financial condition for this generation and those that follow;
  • deliver quality services expeditiously;
  • enhance the physical infrastructure of the campus; and
  • create conditions in which students and employees can do their best work.


Bursar | Central Reproduction | Financial Affairs | Human Resources | Internal Audit | Physical Plant | Post Office | Public Safety / University Police | Purchasing | Risk Management | Student Finance


Our goal is to promote and foster an environment that capitalizes the individual abilities of each staff member to provide excellence in customer relations and accuracy in all administrative endeavors while supporting the University's mission, values, and long term objectives.

Central Reproduction

Central Reproduction’s goal is to produce high-quality document services in a timely fashion and at a competitive price, and to provide the security of in-house printing for users requiring confidentiality.

As part of the Loyola University community, we understand the unique problems of university departments and organizations, and we are familiar with the seasonal pace of academic schedules and deadlines. Central Reproduction continually seeks to strengthen its existing services and develop new ones through open communication, shared ideas and common goals. Our manager has 15 years of print shop experience at Loyola. We take pride in our work and appreciate our customers.

Financial Affairs

The Financial Affairs department strives to provide the university with a sound financial management system assuring reliable reporting of all budgets, revenues, expenditures and investments. The department also processes university disbursements through its oversight of Accounts Payable, records internal financial transactions, monitors grant and contract reporting, manages university investments and ensures IRS compliance throughout the university.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department supports the teaching and research mission of Loyola by developing, implementing and administering Human Resources practices and programs that will attract and engage the highest quality employees and support them in the achievement of their contributions.

We are an essential campus unit, dedicated to working with Loyola management and employees to insure effective, efficient, appropriate and equitable Human Resources programs and strategies are consistently practiced in all University departments and divisions. We are committed to providing HR functions within a fast-paced team environment that is fully responsive to the rapid changes taking place in higher education.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit of Loyola University New Orleans (the University) examines the University’s activities and evaluates risk; compliance with and adequacy of applicable policies and procedures; and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The effectiveness of supervision is also evaluated.

Internal Audit independently performs it evaluations at the direction of the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University. Internal Audit reports on its activities to Management for administrative purposes, the Audit Committee and the Board of Trustees. To this end, Internal Audit furnishes the President, the Audit Committee and the Board of Trustees with facts, analyses, recommendations and pertinent information about the activities reviewed.

Physical Plant

The primary objective of Physical Plant is to economically provide and maintain a safe, comfortable, and attractive environment for all members of the university community. The Loyola University New Orleans Physical Plant will support the University’s mission through an ongoing commitment to excellence in service and efficiency. The department will continuously seek new methods of incorporating the highest available level of technology into the process of assessing and meeting university needs. In addition, we will strive to recruit and maintain a staff that will consistently meet and exceed customer expectations in knowledge, ability, courtesy, and professionalism.

Post Office

The Post Office provides the campus community with reliable and professional services for the receipt and processing of US and Campus mail in a courteous, timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

Public Saftety / University Police

The mission of Loyola University Police Department is to provide the Loyola community with a safe and secure learning environment where members can pursue academic, career, and personal goals, free from unwarranted concerns for personal safety and property. As dedicated and contributive members of the community we serve, we form partnerships with students, faculty, and staff in the learning process of developing the whole person. We provide leadership in preventing and controlling crime through education and the responsibilities entrusted to us and provide a number of auxiliary services to improve the quality of life and in support of the university’s mission. We ensure police services when necessary to maintain peace and order, and to protect life and property. We pledge to protect, to educate, and to serve with integrity, fairness, and mutual respect for all.

The direct mission for every member of this department is to seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve, and deliver a feeling of security, safety, and quality services to members of the community.


The goal of the Purchasing Department is to assist University departments in securing goods and services that represent the best value to the University, in a timely manner, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, intergrity, and ethics. Our vision is to create customer satisfaction with each purchase request while adhering to University policy and sound business practices.

Risk Management

The Loyola University Risk Management Office seeks to actively protect the tangible and intangible assets of the University.

Our main objective is to pursue open communication, cooperation, collaboration and proactive management with administrators, trustees, officers, faculty, staff, students and the public, so that the entire Loyola community may work together to reduce risks for the University.

Our primary goal is to reduce the University's cost of risk through educated and thoughtful decision making processes, immediate response to potential losses, appropriate transfer of risk and thorough mitigation of losses.

Student Finance

The goal of the Office of Student Finance is to assess and bill students' tuition, fees and related costs in a timely and accurate manner and to answer inquires of such in a courteous and respectful manner.

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