qwe Mission Statement for the Evening Division - Loyola University New Orleans

J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe Library

Monroe Library Vision Statement

The library is a center for enhancing skills that are necessary for success in college and in life-long learning. Students build information literacy and critical thinking skills throughout their careers at Loyola through the collaborative efforts of their professors and the library faculty and staff.

The library building is a technologically-advanced, inviting and welcoming place for the entire Loyola community. Everything the library has to offer, its building, collections, services, faculty, and staff, is recognized as a key component in recruiting and retaining students.

The library is user-centered, always seeking to understand the needs of its primary clients, the students and faculty, and making decisions based on those needs. The library is the campus center for instruction in the use of technology in teaching and research.

The library values the contributions and excellence of its faculty, staff, and student workers. The library is a learning organization, characterized by people who are continuously developing new skills and greater expertise.

Work in the library is marked by collaboration: among students, among students and faculty, and among faculty. Library faculty and staff work together and in partnership with people and organizations outside the library. The collaborative relationships formed by library faculty and staff benefit the whole university.

The library strives to be a model of what academic libraries are and will become. The library, as an organization, encourages creative thinking and actively seeks to serve as a test bed for new ways of delivering information and new methods of teaching and learning. As a result, the library provides the highest quality learning tools and information content to enhance the educational experience for faculty and students.

Approved by the Library Steering Group -- 8/28/01