College of Humanities + Natural Sciences

In fulfilling its role to provide all Loyola students with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences has as its mission to educate and graduate students who are prepared to lead meaningful lives with and for others; who appreciate and contribute to the understanding of global cultures; who comprehend the interrelated nature of all knowledge; who are able to think critically and make decisions for the common good; and who have a commitment to the Ignatian tradition of a life of justice and service to others. It is the mission of the college to contribute to the expansion of knowledge through the scholarly and creative activities of its faculty and students.


Biological Sciences | Chemistry | Languages & Cultures | English | History | Mathematics | Philosophy | Physics | Psychology | Religious Studies

Department of Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to providing students with an integrated and contemporary education that instills in students a deeper understanding of the process of science and of the fundamentals of biology. The Department strives to provide students with an understanding of the scientific method that will allow them to evaluate newly emerging knowledge and contribute to this body of knowledge. Towards this end, the Department is committed to supporting original faculty research and to involving undergraduates in this research. The Department provides a curriculum that encourages critical thinking and emphasizes effective oral and written communication skills. The Department expects that our graduates will use their training to take leadership roles in societal decisions involving biological issues.

Department of Chemistry

It is our mission to offer excellent instruction in all areas of chemistry to help Loyola undergraduate chemistry majors, other pre-professionals, and non-science majors, learn college-level chemistry by offering a comprehensive curriculum. It is also the mission of the department to prepare Loyola students for further study or careers in chemistry, or related disciplines such as dentistry, engineering, environmental science, forensic science, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary science. The department also helps non-science majors to become empowered with a basic understanding of chemistry and its applications to societal issues and the physical world.

Department of Languages & Cultures

The Department of Languages and Cultures recognizes that foreign language education is an indispensable part of the development of the individual in the Jesuit tradition. Thus, the knowledge and appreciation of other languages and literatures, through the study of culture, is at the heart of the program. The departmentís mission is to encourage and challenge Loyola students to reach a level of competency in a foreign language that broadens their world view and allows them to clearly and openly exchange ideas and opinions with people of other cultures.

Department of English

Our goal is to provide English majors with a comprehensive program that affords them the opportunity to read and think critically, to write coherently, and to understand the variety of periods, genres, and cultures covered in the two concentrations (literature and writing) in the department.

To meet its goals of educating its undergraduate majors and minors, Loyola's English department offers students the opportunity to participate in small classes taught by professors rather than graduate students. The English program also gives students the chance to work on all areas of production of the internationally distributed New Orleans Review. Further, two other publications, Revisions and The Reader's Response, are entirely student run. The department also has an internship program that affords both literature and writing majors the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience at magazines, businesses, and online services.

Department of History

The History Department seeks to provide a broad-based study of the human past, in accordance with the Loyola University Character and Commitment Statement and the mission of the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences. The Department promotes investigation of and reflection on the accumulated knowledge and diverse experience of human societies, which leads to an understanding of and appreciation for the accumulated knowledge of the past, in light of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is committed to: (a) excellence in education, (b) encouragement of student interest in all areas of mathematics, (c) dynamic scholarly activity, and (d) a critical sense of community responsibility, all in the context of being a Catholic, Jesuit institution. The department contributes to the mission of the university and the college by attracting students, by scholarly endeavors, and by providing service courses in all areas of mathematics and computer science. Each member of the Department of Mathematics is expected to conduct her/him self in a manner compatible with the academic and professional functions of the department.

Department of Philosophy

The mission of the Department of Philosophy is twofold: first, to offer programs for philosophy majors and minors including a distinct track for pre-law majors and minors; and, second, to realize the Jesuit commitment to liberal education. Since philosophy is the core of liberal education, and liberal education is the primary Jesuit educational commitment of Loyola University, a primary element of the departmentís mission includes the cultivation of critical reflection on the value orientation of the whole person of the student. Thus, the departmentís mission is central to that of the university and the college.

Department of Physics

The mission of the Physics Department at Loyola University New Orleans is to offer our students an excellent science education: a challenging curriculum taught in small classes by a dedicated faculty. The faculty is accessible and interested in their students. We promote physics through active involvement in research and through service to the community.

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology performs three functions for students enrolled at Loyola University New Orleans. First, it provides pre-professional training for its majors, whether they plan to directly enter the workforce or to apply for graduate education in psychology or an allied field. Second, it provides instructional support functions for other academic divisions of the university, by offering psychology courses to students whose academic majors are not psychology. Third, it provides part of the liberal arts education for the Loyola student by teaching general courses which emphasize information and skills that are helpful in coping with an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.

Department of Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies imparts a distinctive character to the liberal arts education of Loyola’s students through teaching and research. Our faculty members create a spirit of free intellectual inquiry, and strive to promote critical thinking about universal values and truth claims. Students who graduate from the Department will understand the importance of the religious dimension of life, appreciate its diversity, and possess the critical skills necessary to live out informed faith commitments.