qwe Mission Statement for the Women's Resource Center - Loyola University New Orleans

Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center aims to provide Loyola women and men with a positive college experience by responding to their needs as gendered human beings and by fostering an environment that is free of sexism and other forms of institutional and individual forms of oppression. It strives to create a supportive and inclusive campus environment through programming, services, and advocacy. The Women's Resource Center supports the educational mission of Women's Studies through programming and services. It encourages and promotes the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge about women amongst faculty by supporting research and course development assistance in those areas. In all its endeavors, the center seeks to include and respond to the needs of staff members. To ensure that the community be involved in activities of the center and so that students can also find feminist role models and mentors, we encourage and maintain contact with alumni and the local community and links to other women's centers, especially at Jesuit institutions.