qwe Mission Statement for Writing Across the Curriculum - Loyola University New Orleans

Writing Across the Curriculum

The mission of Writing Across the Curriculum is to foster consensus that writing is integral to a liberal arts education at Loyola and to support the use of writing as a learning tool in all disciplines. WAC has articulated several ongoing goals by which to fulfill this mission:

  • To promote the use of writing in all classes through interdisciplinary faculty forums, class lectures, and consultation on writing in the disciplines.
  • To offer easily accessible peer tutoring that helps Loyola students improve the quality of their writing.
  • To maintain and operate computer centers and classrooms consistent with up-to-date writing and research technologies.
  • To publicize effectively the services we offer to on- and off-campus students.
  • To reward and nurture outstanding writing as an essential feature of educational excellence at Loyola.