qwe Mission Statement for the Loyola Pastoral Life Center - Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola Pastoral Life Center

The Loyola Pastoral Life Center (LPLC) is a continuing education division within the Institute for Ministry (LIM) at Loyola University New Orleans, a Jesuit Catholic institution. The mission and programs of the Loyola Pastoral Life Center flow directly from the mission and work of LIM. The mission of the LPLC is to provide continuing education opportunities, ministry studies programs, and spiritual enrichment for women and men involved in various leadership aspects of the church’s life and ministries. The LPLC thus furthers the mission of the church community to promote the reign of God and the primary purpose of LIM: to educate persons for leadership in Christian ministries.

In pursuing its important mission, the Loyola Pastoral Life Center is particularly dedicated to helping the national church, diocesan pastoral offices, and ministry leaders in local churches improve the quality of grass-roots level Christian life and ministry. The LPLC does so by providing seminars, training programs, resources, and networking opportunities, around emerging ministry issues, for these parties. In doing its work, the LPLC remains particularly attentive to the multicultural and ecumenical dimensions of the church in the United States, to smaller dioceses and Christian home missions, and to local church communities with new and emerging forms of lay pastoral leadership.