qwe Mission Statement for the Academic Resource Center - Loyola University New Orleans

Academic Resource Center

In keeping with the mission of the university to educate students from diverse backgrounds, to promote academic excellence, and to encourage students to think critically and act justly, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) is committed to providing a comprehensive academic support system in an environment that supports a culturally and educationally diverse student body and is conducive to the development and academic success of all of our students. Disability Services provides services for all undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities.

Academic Resource Center programs and services include the following:

  • Academic counseling. Academic counselors meet with students regarding individual academic needs. Counseling may include helping them with time management and other study skills, working with them regarding selection of majors, assisting them with scheduling issues, and helping them navigate the university system.
  • Tutorial services. Academic counselors assign students to peer tutors and provide individual guidance to the tutors to ensure that the specific needs of the tutees are met. The ARC offers peer tutoring for major courses in all four undergraduate colleges.
  • Bridge Program. To help ensure that a student’s first experience of campus life is excellent, the ARC offers the Bridge Program, a comprehensive 5-week summer session for entering freshmen and transferring students.
  • Fall/Spring Enrichment programs for new students. Conditionally admitted students meet weekly with academic counselors for study skills instruction and for help in navigating the university system.
  • Protocols of Learning (SPST A105) is a 1 credit hour course designed to introduce students to university level study strategies and help them navigate the university system. The ARC also provides study skills workshops and individual instruction in study skills.
  • Special Needs Writing Services. The ARC provides writing assistance for students with disabilities and evening division students in nursing courses.
  • Disability Services. The ARC provides comprehensive disability services for all undergraduate students with special needs. The ARC also provides accommodations for law students and other graduate students.