Writing About Literature Courses

Writing About Literature (WAL) courses in the Loyola Core emphasize critical reading and writing about a variety of types of literature. WAL courses focus on reading literary texts, on examining luiterary conventions, and on writing analytically about literature. There are a wide variety of courses available, which allows students to choose a course that aligns with their interests. 

Loyola Core courses eligible to satisfy the WAL requirement are included below, and have a prerequisite for ENGL T122. While a number of these courses are offered each semester, not all of them will be. To view course sections available by semester or register for courses, please visit LORA.

Classical Studies

  • CLHU N200 WAL: Greek and Roman Epic
  • CLHU N202 WAL: Justice in Greek Literature
  • CLHU N356 WAL: Greek Elegies & Lyrics 



Languages & Cultures

Latin American Studies


* Courses are cross-listed