Social Science Common Curriculum

The Social Science requirement for the Loyola Core will provide Loyola University New Orleans students with an introduction to the social science perspective. Students will learn to think about the social world and questions concerning causality in human behavior through the critical lens of a social scientist. The course may take a multi-disciplinary approach to the examination of key theoretical or conceptual frameworks for the study of the social world. The logical study of these framewoks guides the scientific collection and use of empirical data and the examination of the benefits and limitations of empirical data drawn from the social world. The courses will be organized around the application of these frameworks. 

Loyola Core courses eligible to satisfy the Social Science requirement are included below. While a number of these courses are offered each semester, not all of them will be. To view course sections available by semester or register for courses, please visit LORA.


Criminal Justice

International Business

  • INTB X225 Ecuador & Andean Societies* 

Latin American Studies

Political Science



Teaching & Education