Loyola Core: Program of Study

Below is an overview of required course sections for the Loyola Core. While some sections are satisfied by a single, itemized course, most can be satisfied by a variety of courses. Students are encouraged to look at the choices available and register for an eligible course that interests them. Students who have questions can consult their faculty advisors about specific requirements for individual programs.

Foundation Courses - 12 credit hours

Foundation courses should be taken in your first year at Loyola.

Knowledge & Values Courses - 30 credit hours

Students complete courses in the following 9 categories:

Major Substitution: One of the courses in the Loyola Core will be satisfied in each undergraduate's major. This is usually the introductory course for each major. The result is the total hours to complete the Loyola Core are reduced to between 39 and 41 credit hours (depending on lab requirements associated with Math and Science courses).