Philosophy in the Loyola Core

Philosophy courses examine fundamental philosophical examinations about the relationship between the human person as a knower and the world as an object of knowledge, and provide a solid foundation of the Jesuit, liberal educational tradition. Philosophy I courses introduce students to the nature of philosophical inquiry. Philosophy II courses focus on a variety of specialized themes and topics, while considering metaphysical questions about the structure of reality; epistemological issues involved in cognition or the logic of human discourse; philosophical themes in social and political life; and philosophical implications of scientific, aesthetic, and religious experiences. 

Courses eligible to satisfy the Philosophy requirement are included below. Students should take one course from the Philosophy I section and one course from the Philosophy II section, preferably early in their collegiate experience. While a number of these courses are offered each semester, not all of them will be. To view course sections available by semester or register for courses, please visit LORA.

Philosophy I: Introduction to the Philosophy of Reasoning 

Philosophy II: Knowledge and Morality