History Sequence

History courses are taken in sequence in the Loyola Core. Students will select a Global History course, and then a more topic-based History course. Where the Global History course offers a long term perspective of world history, History II courses focus on a theme, often on a specific part of the world, while emphasizing more deliberately historical methods. In the History II section, students will be able to choose a course that aligns with their interests from an array of thematically-aligned offerings. 

Courses eligible to satisfy both sections within the the Loyola Core History sequence are included below. While a number of these courses are offered each semester, not all of them will be. To view course sections available by semester or register for courses, please visit LORA.

Global History

Students select one course from this section. The course chosen here determines which History II selection can be made. 

History II

Students select 1 course based on which Global History course they chose. Students who complete Global History I will take a Modern History course; students who complete Global History II will take an Emerging World course. 

Emerging World

Modern History