Programs of Study

Six hours credit for Loyola University courses are included in the program fee. All students choose two of the following courses to take while in London.  (It is also possible to arrange an independent study class in the School of Mass Communication or the English Department):

  Elective Courses: 

  • ENGL G255 Introduction to Shakespeare. This course, an elective within the English major, introduces Shakespearean drama and its cultural contexts.

  Common Curriculum Courses: 

  • CMMN Q136: British and American Media This course, a social sciences common curriculum elective, involves discussion of US and British media, including effects of international ownership on content of newspapers, broadcasting, and movies.

  • ENGL U139 Arthurian Legend. This course, a pre-modern humanities Common Curriculum elective, is a survey of historical and literary writing about King Arthur in the Middle Ages and beyond.



Updated September 17, 2008