Recruiting Services + Policies

Recruiting at Loyola

The Career Development and Law Practice Center offers many value-added, creative approaches, for increasing your visibility. Some of the services we are able to provide to you free of charge are:

You can also login to CSI and submit a recruiting request.

Make a connection and increase your presence

Career Development regularly hosts a variety of events and programs to afford both students and graduates an opportunity to network with and learn from members of the legal community. The following programs are some of the ways an employer can join us in welcoming the next generation of lawyers to our profession, and/or to reach out to our alumni. We welcome your suggestions and participation in our programs. Your knowledge and experience is who and what the legal profession is. If you would like to share your expertise with the next generation of lawyers, please contact one of the experienced professional Career Development Staff members. Again, thank you in advance and we look forward to your involvement.


The Career Development and Law Practice Center abides by the following policies: