Parish Courts

Parish Courts have limited jurisdiction over certain types of civil and criminal cases. The limits of jurisdiction may vary between Parish Courts.

Parish Courts share criminal jurisdiction with District Courts for certain types of criminal cases, including violations of state, parish, or municipal laws, if the crime is not punishable by a fine of more than $1000 dollars or by more than six months imprisonment.

Parish Courts share jurisdiction over some civil cases with District Courts, including general civil cases involving disputes over amounts of money or values of property within certain financial limits.

Parish Courts do not have jurisdiction over cases that involve disputes about title to immovable property, the right to public office or public position, civil or political constitutional rights, annulment, divorce, separation of property, alimony, habeas corpus, cases where the state or parish or other political subdivision is a defendant, and certain other types of cases.

Parish Courts may share jurisdiction with District Courts over some juvenile matters and cases.