Diversity Programming

Diversity Mission:
The diversity mission of Loyola University New Orleans College of Law is comprehensive.

Student Population:
Our student population consist of persons representing a varied number of racial, ethnic, cultural, social, geographic and economic backgrounds. This includes, African American, Asian Pacific American, European American, Arabic, Hispanic, and Native American students who are from several different socially and economically stratified communities.

Academic Support:
Our faculty is committed to enhancing the education of our students by encouraging dialogue within the classroom that addresses legal issues that are culturally sensitive and ethnically specific. With this in mind, students are able to share their individual perspectives on the law that are more realistic to the population of clients whom they will serve.

Diversity Programming:
Loyola University New Orleans College of Law has followed the University’s philosophy of integrating workshops, forums and social events that analyze and celebrate the multifaceted nature and richness of various cultures. In this capacity it has partnered with several segments of the legal community to educate the student body on issues that greatly effect the clients whom they will serve. Hence diversity programming has included discussions on race, ethnicity, poverty, wealth, sexual orientation, disabilities, national origin and gender. The public has also been invited to these events. The result has been encouraging and challenging for all persons concerned. The Diversity Unit of the Office of Career Services has comprised a core advisory committee consisting of on campus student organizations, faculty, and members of the legal community.