About Loyola and the City of New Orleans

Loyola University New Orleans is located in the Uptown section of New Orleans, one of the city's most prestigious residential neighborhoods and 15 minutes away from downtown and the French Quarter. The university was spared the harsh blow of Katrina that many of the outlying areas experienced, and is committed to the rebuilding, renewal, and revitalization efforts of New Orleans, as well as the surrounding communities.

Loyola combines the academic excellence of its faculty and programs, an ideal size that fosters individual student success in a positive learning experience, and the Jesuit commitment to educating the whole person. We strive to develop students into a new generation of leaders who possess a love for truth, the critical intelligence to pursue it, and the courage to articulate it.

Life in New Orleans today is truly accentuated by the dedication and spirit of the students of Loyola. Thinking critically and acting justly, our students will take part in the unique and historical rebirth of the city to ensure a great future for New Orleans.

For additional information about the New Orleans area please visit the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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