Student programs

Community Engagement

LUCAP, the Loyola University Community Action Program, is a student- initiated student-led volunteer service and advocacy organization. LUCAP is open to all students, offering them opportunities for direct service; reflection on larger, related social justice issues; and advocacy and organizing through its many projects in areas such as rebuilding, hunger and homelessness, tutoring and mentoring, and environmental issues.

Spark is a pre-orientation week of service for incoming first-year students. Students will spend time engaging in reflective service experiences and getting to know New Orleans. Spark ends when Wolfpack Welcome begins. 

Ignacio Volunteers
Ignacio Volunteers offers a number of international and domestic immersion programs for the Loyola University New Orleans community. The trips are rooted in an Ignatian spiritual foundation of finding God in all things and include ongoing reflection within the community and on the trips.  

Service Learning
The Office of Service Learning supports the development and implementation of service learning and community-based learning experiences in academic courses and programs of study at Loyola University New Orleans.  Our goal is to bring education to life by connecting the classroom to community needs.  We enact Loyola's Jesuit mission of helping young people become men and women for others.

Community Based Federal Work Study
The Higher Education Act (HEA) states that one of the purposes of the FWS program is “…to encourage students receiving Federal student financial assistance to participate in community service activities that will benefit the Nation and engender in the students a sense of social responsibility and commitment to the community.” 

The CBFWS program matches Federal Work Study eligible students with community agencies where they earn $10/hr supporting the local community through a wide variety of activities, such as tutoring students and adults in reading, computer literacy, and ESL; community outreach and organizing; special event preparation and support; interviewing clients and conducting surveys; writing and distributing promotions; research, data entry and database management; curriculum development; mentoring; animal care; creating new resources for community members; and more.


Policy Research Shop
The Policy Briefs blog showcases research by undergraduate political science students on important policies under consideration by the City of New Orleans. Students in the Department of Political Science’s Policy Research course learn specifics on creating research projects through this endeavor. Local officials from New Orleans request analysis on a handful of topics and students work in groups of two or three to conduct research and create a policy report on the subject given. Students research the logistical, legal, and financial aspects of the policy and write papers clearly stating the advantages and disadvantages of the program or policy.

Summer Collaborative Outreach and Research Experience (SCORE)
This six-week summer program is part of an interdisciplinary and experiential approach to strengthen recruitment, retention, and training in natural sciences in post-Katrina New Orleans. 

Law Clinic
The Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice is a fully functioning legal clinic which allows third-year law students the opportunity to represent indigent clients under the supervision of experienced attorneys.

The clinical education program is a vital part of the law school’s mission to prepare students for a career in law and foster students’ commitment to justice. The law clinic teaches students fundamental lawyering skills along with important values such as collaboration and reflection. Students learn first-hand lessons about legal advocacy as they represent those who cannot afford to pay for legal services.

By participating in the Law Clinic, the Extern Program, and the Street Law Program, student practitioners not only have the chance to experience firsthand what representing clients is like, but they also have an opportunity to further the Jesuit ideals of scholarship and service at Loyola by providing legal representation to the needy.

Student Service Clubs

American Red Cross Club
The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization established in 1900 to provide an array of domestic and international emergency-related service. The American Red Cross services include: Disaster Relief, Health and Safety Training, Biomedical services, international programs and Armed Forces Emergency Services. As a branch of the Southeast Chapter of the American Red Cross, our club's purpose is to provide students an outlet to provide Red Cross services to the local community and the college campus.

Loyola University Sociology Student Organization (LUSSO)
The Loyola University Sociology Student Organization seeks to provide Sociology students and other interested parties with an opportunity to experience and explore the world in ways they have previously only read about. By providing hands-on experience, coupled with a strong group affiliation, students will hopefully come to understand social life on a deeper level than they presently do. So far, our primary focus has been on New Orleans public school education. This is because we select our focuses based on the categorical interests of the students involved with us, and this topic is an interest of the majority of our students. It is the goal of the advisor, the officers and the members of LUSSO that this organization helps to deliver students to a brighter, more activist future by increasing their awareness and understanding of social problems, and bringing them one step closer to locating solutions.

Social Justice Scholars
Social Justice Scholarships are awarded to students who exhibit a high level of academic promise as well as a demonstrated commitment to community service and activism. Each student in the program performs 90 hours of community service and participates in numerous educational, social, and cultural activities each year. The program is administered through the Department of Sociology which has a strong commitment to the integration of research and social action.

Small Business Development Center Internships
The LSBDC is assisting small businesses in growing, rebuilding, providing resources to assist the business owner in achieving greater profitability and sustainability.
Interns with the Small Business Development Center contribute to:

  • Empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs with the right tools, technical assistance, and resources to help their businesses start, grow, and succeed.
  • Increasing capacity for starting and rebuilding businesses and neighborhoods.