Faculty Programs

Community Engagement

Blue Cross Blue Shield Community Engagement Faculty Award
Faculty, students, staff, administrators and community partners may nominate any full-time faculty member at Loyola, regardless of rank, to receive this award. The recipient will embody the ideal of community engagement as a fully integrated aspect of academic life. This $1,000 award is unique in recognizing a faculty member whose commitment to community engagement permeates his or her self-understanding as an intellectual, infusing teaching and research/creative activity as well as activities traditionally categorized as service. Nominate yourself or a colleague here.

Faculty Research

Fiscal Year 2012

  • Paul Barnes, “Collaborative Research—Decomposition in Drylands: Soil Erosion and UV Interactions,” National Science Foundation, $7,500
  • Kelly Brotzman, “Service Learning (18 months),” Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, $20,000 (Institutional Advancement, IA)
  • Michael Cowan, “Community Engagement in Justice Reform,” Baptist Community Ministries, $28,000 (IA)
  • Frank Jordan, “Diet of Kissimmee River Fishes,” South Florida Water Management District, $18,400
  • Judson Mitchell, “Supportive Housing Program,” U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, $36,668
  • Luz Molina, “Workplace Justice Project,” Foundation for Louisiana, $50,000 (IA)
  • Carmen Sunda, “Consulting Agreement for QuickBooks Workshop and Consulting,” SEEDCO-Department of Commerce, $220
  • Robert Thomas, “Professional Services for RAPID: Responsive Oil Spill Outreach Based in Science,” National Science Foundation, $20,000

Fiscal Year 2011

  • Alicia Bourque, “Tobacco Free Living,” Louisiana Public Health Institute, $16,000
  • Veronica Carter, “Upward Bound,” US Department of Education, $431,562
  • Michael Cowan, “Project Justice NOLA Action Partnership,” Baptist Community Ministries, $47,229
  • Ramona Fernandez, “Supportive Housing Program Renewal,” Unity/Housing and Urban Development, $36,668
  • Laila Hlass, “Equal Justice Works Fellowship,” Equal Justice Works, $39,000
  • Laila Hlass, “Equal Justice Works Fellowship Supplement,” Equal Justice Works, $2,121
  • Craig Hood, “Biodiversity Study of Mammals at the Barataria Preserve Unit at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve,” National Park Service, $23,000
  • Frank Jordan, “Monitoring of Okaloosa Darter Populations on Elgin AFB,” Department of Defense, $18,000
  • Frank Jordan, “Long-Term Monitoring of Endangered Okaloosa Darters in Swift, Shaw Still, Sanders, Turkey Bottom, and West Long Creeks,” Polyengineering, $13,500
  • Hiroko Kusuda, “Equal Justice America Summer Fellowship,” Equal Justice America, $2,000
  • Luz Molina, “Equal Justice America Post-Graduate Fellowship,” Baptist Community Ministries, $67,736
  • Luz Molina, “GNOF Community IMPACT Fund,” Greater New Orleans Foundation, $25,000
  • Luz Molina, “Loyola University New Orleans College of Law Workplace Justice Project,” Louisiana Bar Foundation, $25,000
  • Patrice Sams-Abiodun, “Contractual Agreement for Professional Services for DOC NIST Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program,” National Institute for Standards and Technology (Department of Commerce), $15,456
  • Carmen Sunda, “UL Monroe LSBDC Supplement for Small Business Jobs Act Program,” Small Business Association, $152,878
  • Carmen Sunda, “CEA with LED Small and Emerging Business Development Program,” Louisiana Economic Development, $40,000
  • Carmen Sunda, “Contract for Consulting Services Between GNOF & Loyola,” Greater New Orleans Foundation, $20,000
  • Carmen Sunda, “Contract for Consulting Service Between GNOF & Loyola,” Greater New Orleans Foundation, $5,000
  • Carmen Sunda, “Subcontract Between SEEDCO Financial & Loyola,” Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, $50,000
  • Carmen Sunda, “Services K, LSBDC Consulting for 10,000 Small Business Program, Goldman Sachs, $15,000
  • Carmen Sunda, ”Subcontract for LSBDC, SEEDCO EDA Program,“ SEEDCO-Department of Commerce, $2,000

Fiscal Year 2010

  • Alicia Bourque, “The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free Living (TFL),” LA Public Health Institute, $16,000
  • Bethany Brown, “Cross-Mission Area Preparedness for Catastrophic Events - Subcontract from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland(UMD) to Loyola University New Orleans,” START/UMD, $55,790
  • Ann Cary, “AENT - Advanced Nursing Education Nursing Traineeships,” Department of Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration, $124,000
  • Ann Cary, “Nurse Faculty Loan Program,” Department of Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration, $381,226
  • Ann Cary, “Advanced Education Nursing Program,” Department of Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Service Administration, $426,745
  • Veronica Carter, “Upward Bound - Continuation Funding,” U.S. Department of Education, $431,562
  • Michael Cowan, “Common Good Community Policing Project,” BCM, $11,000
  • Michael Cowan, “Reforming Public Institutions - Amendment 2,” BCM, $60,000
  • Sonya Duhe, “Strategic Communications Workshop Hosted by School of Mass Communication,” Social Security Administration, $117,889
  • Laila Hlass, “Equal Justice America Summer 2010 Fellowship,” Equal Justice America, $1,000
  • Frank Jordan, “Long-term evaluation of effects of Mid-Bay Bridge Connector on Endangered Okaloosa Darters,” Mid-Bay Bridge Authority, $120,000
  • Luz Molina, “Employment Rights Consortium/Wage Claim Clinic,” Greater New Orleans Foundation, $15,000
  • Andrew Piacun, “TANF Funds for EITC Outreach/Free Tax Assistance Program,” Louisiana Department of Social Services/Office of Family Support, $11,929
  • Carmen Sunda, “SBDC - Primary Funding,” LSBDC, $248,000
  • Carmen Sunda, “SBDC - Supplemental Funding,” LSBDC, $241,500
  • Carmen Sunda, “SBDC – CEA,” LSBDC, $80,000